KL-6200 Fiber Master OTDR

Category: OTDR

Core features
● Long-haul network testing
● Access network testing
● FTTx/PON testing through splitters
● Compact, rugged, light weight 0.7kg
● All new UI design with innovation
● 32dB Dynamic range
● 1m Event dead zone
● Bult-in OPM、SLS、VFL、RJ45、FIP modules
● Link Map & Pass/Fail judgment functions
● Dual wavelengths testing
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OTDR   Specifications
Wavelength   (nm)SM   1310/1550PON   1310/1550/1625 (built-in filter)
Dynamic   range (dB)32/3032/30/28
Number   of optical port12
Applicable   fiberSM   (ITU-T G.652)
Distance   range (km)0.5,1,2,5,10,20,35,50,75,100,150,200
Pulse   width (ns)5,10,20,50,100,200,500,1000,2000,10000,20000
Event   dead zone*1 (m)1
Attenuation   dead zone*2 (m)3.5
Number   of sampling pointsMax.80000Max.80000
Sampling   resolutionMin.0.04m
Distance   measurement accuracy±(0.75   m + Measurement distance × 2 × 10−5 + Sampling resolution)
Loss   measurement accuracy±0.03   dB/dB
Return   loss measurement accuracy±2 dB
Optical   Power Meter Module (Built-in)×
OPMWavelength   (nm)800 ~   1650nm
Power   range-70 ~   +6dBm
Measure   accuracy<(±0.2dB   or ±5%)
Display   resolution0.01dB
Optical   input portSC/UPC   + 2.5mm Universal ferrule
Stabilized   Light Source Module (Built-in)
SLSWavelength   (nm)1310/1550
Output   power≥-10dBm
Modulation   modeCW,   270 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz
Laser   classClass   1M or Class 1
Optical   input portOTDR   port
Visual   Fault Locator Module (Built-in)
VFLWavelength   (nm)650
Output   power10mW
Modulation   modeCW,   CHOP (2 Hz)
Laser   classClass   3R
Optical   input port2.5   mm Universal ferrule type
Fiber   Inspection Probe (Built-in)OptionalOptional
FIPMagnification  Magnification   250X
Resolution(um)  ≥1.0
Electrical   interfaceUSB2.0
Optical   ConnectorFC/UPC,SC/UPC,ST/UPC
Sensor  1/3   inch
RJ45Wavelength   (nm)CAT5,   CAT6
Distance   of Cable Collationl300m
Distance   of emitting signal300m
General   Specifications
Link   Map
Pass/Fail   judgment
Distance   unitm,   km, mile, ft, kft
PC   Analysis Software
LanguagesEnglish,   Español, Chinese, Português, Français, Русский
Optical   connectorSC/UPC   (FC/UPC,ST/UPC,LC/UP is Optional)
Display3.5-inch   color TFT LCD (Resolution: 640 × 480)
Electrical   interfaceCharge   port × 1, USB 2.0 × 3, RJ45 × 2
Operating   temperature-10 ~   50°C (0 ~ 40°C when AC adapter is being used. 0 to 35°C when battery is be   charged)
Storage   temperature-20   to 60°C
Altitude4000   m
Humidity  0 to   90% RH (20 to 90% with 739874 AC adapter, non-condensing)
Power   requirements100 -   240V AC, 50/60Hz (AC adapter)
LED   Light illumination≥15000mcd
Operating   time*35   hours
Data   storageInternal   storage: ≥1000 waveforms, External storage: USB memory
Dimensions118   mm (W) × 218 mm (H) × 55 mm (D)
WeightApprox.   0.73 kg (including internal battery and protectors, excluding OTDR unit and   options)


1. Minimum pulse width, return loss: ≥55 dB (≥40 dB for 850/1300 nm), group refractive index: 1.5, at 1.5 dB below the unsaturated peak level. 

2. Minimum pulse width,  group refractive index: 1.5, at a point where the backscatter level is within ±0.5dB of the normal level. For SMF, at 1310nm, return loss: ≥55dB. 

3. New Battery

All specifications valid at 23°C ± 2°C (73.4°F ± 3.6°F) unless otherwise specified.

Intelligent multi-function OTDR
● Dynamic range 32dB
● 1m short event blind zone
● One-key measurement of all events
Engineering machines are widely used
● Toll network testing
● Access network testing
● FTTx/PON network splitter testing
Application Scenario
● Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
● Drop terminal
● Fiber distribution hub (FDH) for FTTH distribution (F2) fiber characterization
● Troubleshooting and troubleshooting
All in one machine
● Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
● Visual Fault Locator (VFL)
● Optical Power Meter (OPM)
● Stabilized Light Source (SLS)
● Face inspection (FIP)
● Network test (RJ45)
4 measurement modes - meet any measurement needs
● Real-time test
● Average test
● Intelligent automatic
● Expert manual
Dual Wavelength Test
● 1310nm
● 1550nm
● Simultaneous testing of 1310nm+1550nm
Brand-new UI design that subverts the industry
● 3.5-inch color LCD screen
● Clear colors, simple and clear interface design
● Quickly find the required function setting items
Smart Curve Analysis
● Don’t miss any event
● Understand the loss of cable breakage, length, bend, splice point, connector, etc. through the curve
log each event
● 3 event parameter information can be viewed at the same time
● Optical cable break point, loss, length, bend, connector, etc., on the waveform, the loss or reflection obtained by the test is expressed as an event
dustproof and dropproof
Link Summary
● Display curve graph, link [length], total attenuation and attenuation coefficient
Optical link analysis
● Icons display event test results
● Simple and intuitive graphical interface, displaying information such as fiber link length, event point type, breakpoint location, etc. One-key test, immediately isolate and evaluate fiber faults
dustproof and dropproof
Splitter Loss Test
● Can test 3-stage splitter
● Can test up to 1:32 channels
User self-calibration and easy maintenance
● Built-in [self-calibration] function
● Shorten maintenance time
● Reduce maintenance cost
Support PC analysis operation
● Powerful data processing functions
● Analyze and display OTDR related information
● Support printing files and setting output content
Silicone sheath
● Adopt new rubber sheath
 ● Analyze and display OTDR related information
● Effectively reduce damage and prolong service life
● SC
● ST (optional)
● FC (optional)
● LC (optional)