Access Control

Hand-free Access control

Access control is a security technique using face Recognition or fingerprint.It allows selective restriction to a place. Our Access Control Solution ensure that only authorized personnel to enter your secured premises. We provide geographical access control through the provision of security personnel or mechanical means such as locks, keys, cards, fingerprint access, and facial recognition. Whichever one you choose, the biometric access control system grants access based on the credential presented.

Our systems determine who can enter and exit and when and where they can enter and exit from. All you have to give us is their credentials. You can choose from our solutions which include smart cards, visual identification, and biometric scanning.

We provide comprehensive biometric access control solutions for offices, homes, buildings and more to secure your facilities and assets. Biometric access control is an efficient way to increase security in any organization and can also be used for time-management for employees of an organization.

Identity verification and facial recognition software


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