In-House Security Consultancy Service

We Manage Your Securities

Unique In-House Security Solution: Save Money & Enhance Your Brand

Imagine a dedicated security team proudly wearing your company logo, fostering a sense of security and professionalism on-site. We offer a unique in-house security consultancy service that streamlines security management, saves you money, and promotes your brand.

Our In-House Security Team Management division handles everything you need to build a reliable security force:

Security Officer Recruitment: We find qualified security officers tailored to your location and needs.
Customizable Security Uniforms: Outfit your team in professional uniforms emblazoned with your company logo (charged at cost).
In-House Security Training: We provide comprehensive security training programs to equip your team with the necessary skills.
Thorough Reference & Vetting Services: Ensure peace of mind with our comprehensive background checks.
Timekeeping & Attendance Management: We handle on-site and off-site management of timekeeping, sick leave, and other administrative tasks.
Holiday & Sick Leave Cover: We provide readily available replacements at competitive rates to maintain uninterrupted security coverage.
Focus on Your Core Business, We Manage Your Security

This service frees you from the time-consuming and expensive task of managing security personnel in-house. Let our experts take care of:

Recruitment & Training Costs: Eliminate the burden of recruiting, vetting, and training security officers.
Reduced Administrative Overhead: We handle scheduling, vetting, uniform distribution, and re-recruiting, saving you valuable administrative resources.
Cost-Effective Sick & Holiday Cover: Benefit from pre-negotiated, competitive rates for holiday and sick leave replacements.
Transparent and Flexible Service

Pay-As-You-Go Model: You only pay an invoice at the end of each month, 
Scalable Security Solution: Our team adapts to your needs, allowing you to gradually transition from external security to a complete in-house team.
Seamless Continuity: If a team member leaves, we’ll re-recruit and train a replacement to start on their last day, ensuring uninterrupted security coverage.
Performance Monitoring: We conduct random site visits and generate comprehensive reports to ensure your team’s effectiveness.
Invest in a Security Solution that Pays Off

Our in-house security consultancy service offers a cost-effective, brand-enhancing solution. Contact us today to discuss how we can create a customized security plan for your organization.

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Management of security guards and security team
Protection of celebrities and corporate security

In-House Security Consultancy

This option allows you to manage your own security personnel

Option 2 (Recruit & Train)
This option allows you to manage your own security personnel. But on your behalf we complete the
following tasks:
• Recruit Security Officers for the location and area you require.
• Provide a full security uniform with your company logo.(Free Uniform)
• In house security training. (1 Day completed on start date)
• Full reference and vetting service.
• Re-recruit and training if the security officer leaves within 6 months free of charge.
With such time consuming tasks completed on your behalf it allows you to concentrate on managing
your security team.
Full records of training and vetting will be provided within 2 months of the Security Officer joining your

Cost Includes:

• Advertising & Recruitment
• Your company in house training
• Vetting Service
• Re-recruit and training within 6 months if required.


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