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KeyTech employs over 4000+ trained security personnel

KeyTech employs over 4000+ trained security personnel as part of our Armed and Unarmed Guarding Services . Each trained security professional is chosen through a diligent screening process – we look for individuals that are comprehensible, diligent, watchful and punctual. We provide you with security guards that can handle a situation efficiently with a responsive and excellent customer service that complements their safeguarding skills .

We provide  security Services to organizations of all sizes, across multiple industries. Each client receives a customized package based on their organization size, and individual requirements. Industries that currently benefit from using our Security Services include Hospitals, Hotels, Facility Management, Educational institutes , Aviation , Manufactures, Retails , Financials Institutes  And more.

Our Security Personnel are brand ambassadors of our services and have established an association with our customers by providing quality services. KeyTech, being a company that provide Security Guarding Services in Jordan, UK, Ireland and Dubai , encourages improving employees’ skills through ongoing in-house and external training programs. Our security experts are always at the forefront to lead their team in order to secure not only people and assets but also the long-term reputation of the companies.


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What Is Our Goal In KeyTech?

We would be happy to put together a package based on the level of security you require and the area you wish to secure. You can get in contact with us.