Transporting cash and valuables needs to be performed

Transporting cash and valuables needs to be performed within a secure framework.Every element of the process needs to be tried and tested and continually adapted to meet with changing circumstances. KeyTech CIT has the expertise and experience to provide you with an efficient and secure cash-in-transit services in Dubai, Jordan, UK & Ireland. The services can be tailored to meet our customer requirement.

These services are carried out by armed/unarmed security professionals, who have undergone specialized training to meet high industry standards.  Our unmarked/armored/unarmored vehicles are the most sophisticated and secure in the industry and are under constant surveillance by our Control Center.

KeyTech Security operates cash-in-transit services in Jordan, Dubai, UK, Ireland with a fleet of fully-armored vehicles equipped with electro-mechanical interlocking and immobilizing systems. Through our control center and our fully automated Tracking system we ensure that all vehicles and their contents are fully monitored in real-time, making KeyTech CIT one of the most secure and reliable cash-in-transit service provider. Your assets are securely monitored every step of the way.


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We would be happy to put together a package based on the level of security you require and the area you wish to secure. You can get in contact with us.