Keyholding Service

Keyholding service is a specialist security service where a we will hold a set of keys to your commercial premises — in a secure, off-site location — to be used in the event of a security breach. Keyholding service puts the responsibility of responding to a security issue, such as a burglary, in the hands of our trained, reliable security personnel. This, as you can imagine, has a wide range of benefits to any business.

In the event of alarm activation at your property our team of experienced personnel based at our control center would receive the call direct from the alarm company, rather than you, or your friends, neighbors or work colleagues.

Upon receipt of the call we would issue one of our response officers with the set of keys for your property, together with instructions previously written in conjunction with you during our initial survey of the property.

The response officers would then be dispatched immediately to the property, upon arrival; the response officer would conduct an external patrol of the property. If the property exhibits signs of intrusion, police assistance would be sought and the property would only be entered accompanied by attending police officers.

Assuming that there is nothing obviously wrong with the outside of your property, the response officer would enter the building following the written instructions.

The response officer would then make his way to the alarm system and silence the alarm, identifying the activated areas displayed on the keypad. We would then examine the area of the activation, if possible the problem would be rectified and the alarm system reset and the property re-secured. If the alarm system cannot be reset, the alarm company would be contacted for an out of hours engineer to repair the fault; at no time would the property be left unattended.

Once we have finished on site a full written report would be left for your attention detailing all key information you require; time of arrival, our findings, actions taken to resolve the problem, and time of departure from the site. Upon completion of final checks the response officer would then immediately return the keys and instructions for your property back to the secure environment of our control center, where they would be signed back in and re-sealed.

On the next working day, during normal business hours, a member of our operational management team would contact you to follow up on the report and ensure everything was done to your satisfaction.

We would be happy to put together a package based on the level of security you require and the area you wish to secure. You can get in contact with us here.

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