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May 14, 2019by admin

The need for Advanced Technology in Security Procedures

With an increasing need for effective security measures, establishments are in pursuance of security methods that are reliable, effective and convenient.

Luckily, today’s technology enables us to offer you just that. By eliminating outdated procedures, confidential data can be entered, stored and backed-up accurately and efficiently.

“Book and Pen” method – data can be lost or destroyed, have spelling errors, be difficult to read and be mishandled. Additionally, previous data is difficult and time-consuming to retrieve. By using a computerised system, data can be read directly from IDs rather than entered manually, stored efficiently and is easily retrievable. Moreover, data can be backed-up in case of hardware damage. Emergency Evacuation – in case of fire or other reasons in which a premise must be immediately evacuated, a building manager or security must retrieve a list of every occupied flat in the building as well as the number of residents. With a computerised system, you can easily pull up a list of occupied flats including those which have vulnerable tenants such as elderly citizens and children under a certain age. In times of urgency, using the traditional method and looking for a list, that could have easily been misplaced, causes a time delay and increases the chance of injury.

Access Control – in offices and areas where access is restricted to only certain individuals for a number of reasons, it is important to ensure you are using an effective method of access control. In many cases, the traditional method of showing a security guard your ID is sufficient. However, with a computerised system, you can use one of many secure access control methods including eye and fingerprint scanning which ensures only authorised persons can enter. The traditional method can easily be abused and is not efficient in ensuring only authorized personnel to enter the premises.

Car Park Access – technology such as ANPR and card/key readers now replace outdated methods such as security guards checking lists to see if you are authorised to enter a parking lot. KeyTech Security has created SMS (Security Management Solutions), an effective security management system that combines security solutions in one user-friendly platform.

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