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January 4, 2020by Marketing

Businesses around the world want to keep their offices and valuables under 24*7 vigilance and thus need a controlled and secured access. To keep things safe, it is wise to install an access control system on your business premises.

Access control system restraint any security threats, giving you the peace of mind. It is common to find an area in any business that needs to be restricted from customers.

There are many non-commercial facilities that have embraced this access control technology, including hospitals, schools, universities, country clubs, government buildings, apartments, and municipal buildings, just to mention a few. These organizations understand that it is very important to keep the public from roaming freely in their facilities. Such a system will help determine who has permission to go where within the organization, unlike in the case of traditional keys and locks.

There are many benefits of access control technology, including:

Helps restrict certain areas

There is no business that gives its staff full access to all the offices. For example, the human resource department stores every worker’s sensitive information and documents that are not supposed to be made public for all staff members to access. With access control keycards, the organization can control who has access to that specific office.

Difficult to Duplicate

Anyone with bad intentions can easily duplicate a physical key and use it to gain access to your premises. This will mean that you will be forced to change locks. It would be easier to get an access control system cause even if a key is lost; all that is needed is changing the codes and canceling access of any lost keycard.

Goes Beyond Standard Doors

Access control can be used with more than just opening doors. You can use such technology to open barriers, turnstiles, motorized fences, and parking gates. This will keep any intruders away from your workplace, making the surroundings safer for everyone.

Protect Valuables

If you have any valuables in your business that need not be used by unauthorized people, you will need to ensure it is securely put away. In case one of your employees decides to use their keycard for the wrong reason and steal these valuables, you will be in a position to know who exactly did that as these systems can be managed from any computer that is connected to your network. However, with a traditional key, it will be very hard to know who committed the theft.

Allows Multi-Location Access

For businesses with multiple locations or campuses, access control systems will make it easy for all the managers and employees to traverse from one building to the other or place to place without any problems. This is a better solution than having multiple physical keys for different offices for every employee.

Helps Save Energy and Cost

Another great thing about access control systems is that they can be integrated with any other systems in your building like the HVAC system. The most sophisticated of these systems will be able to tell you the specific areas of the building need to be lit, heated or cooled at any specific moment. This will help save on energy costs since you will avoid heating or cooling any room that doesn’t need to be.

Simplify Employee Turnover

For most high-end businesses, campuses, and apartment complexes have the capacity to easily restrict access to a single keycard or even replace a lost one without going the hassle of replacing keys to every individual accessing the building.

Easily Record History of Entry

Apart from being able to revoke any privileges that come with your employees’ keycard, access control systems also record and store information regarding everyone who comes into the building. As soon as an employee scans their card, the system is prompted to record the time, location and details of the person who accessed the building. This will help the management in two ways. Firstly, you will be able to know if your employees get to work at the company’s specified time or they are always late and whether they leave at the right time. Secondly, it will be easy to identify who had access to the building at what time in case you realize there was a case of burglary or vandalism. This will help you get hold of the culprit.

If you need to have an access control system installed at your workplace, contact us here and our team of experienced technicians will be your way shortly.

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