Security Management Solution – SMS

SMS (Smart Multi-Purpose Solution), is a package of multiple solutions that can be used in numerous industries ranging from, but not limited to; commercial & residential buildings, hospitalities, industrial sites, embassies, consulates, hospitals, government entities, educational institutions, and military properties.
The system eliminates inconsistency, inaccuracy, disorganization, and invalid information and instead introduces a digitalized, modernized, centralized, consistent and valid standard. The platform can be configured to requirements, allows for coherent communication between parties and will guarantee the correct procedures are followed. SMS implements memory, accountability, reliability and most importantly, a foundation for continuous development. The software utilizes the latest, cutting-edge technology such as, but not limited to; biometric scanners, digital signature pads, ID card readers, web-cameras and touch screen compatibility, making it the world’s first and only security management solution to operate completely paper-free. Simply put, it is the revolutionizing management solution the security industry has been desperately waiting for.



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