Our Mission

Keytech Security’s mission is to exceed our clients specific and customized security needs by delivering the highest quality of professional private security services based on trust and confidence.

Our Vision

Our  Vision  is  to  be  the  most  recognized and technologically  advanced  security  solutions  provider around  the  globe,  continuously  evolving  and enhancing  based  on  market  needs.

Core Values

Quality partnerships, integrity, exceptional customer service, personal growth and community leadership.

Quality Policy

We  endeavor  to  exceed  your  expectations  by maintaining  and  ensuring  the best  bespoke solutions to  you  through  rigorous  professional methods combined  with  continued  training  and development  and  exclusive  cutting edge  technology.


UAE +971 (04) 454 2077
Jordan +962 (06) 560 1094



Our Locations

Keytech has offices in the UK , Jordan, UAE and Ireland.

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